“If you knew how Easy it is to Be,

How Simple it is to Change,

What would you DO?”

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Do you live the life you Want?

Are you looking for a Radical Change?

Do you have an Urge to make a difference in your life? 

Are you Ready to start Now?

Om Ma Ya’s purpose is to support all beings to find within themselves the support they seek for change.

Om Ma Ya inspires and awakens within us the Urge….

  • to question what we think,
  • to realize what we want,
  • to develop the tools for change,
  • and to take the first steps.

Om Ma Ya offers a space of encouragement.

A space that allows us to be and express ourselves as we truly are, and reminds us to live according to what is in the present reality.

You are welcome to join us on a journey to Self-awareness, to investigate your thoughts and discover what limits you from living your life to the fullest.

Let’s discover together, how to create a radical change in life, in which your state of mind will support you and not go against you.

By raising and inquiring into situations from your daily life, (such as relationships, money, body etc), you will start to look at things differently.

When you go through this process you will be able to experience how easy and simple it is to overcome and face the challenges life presents you, by investigating your life.

Here you will develop the ability to find solutions to your life situations. You will have more Clarity in life, and you will start to envision the life that you were destined to live, and execute it step by step.

How committed are you to making a difference in your life?

Om Ma Ya is like a light that reminds you of what you forgot.

  • We forgot to ask the questions and find the answers within.
  • We forgot to be here.
  • We forgot that we are the creators of our reality.
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